5 Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

Opportunity Business Vision Online Office Working ConceptAre you looking for another income stream other than your day job?

Or perhaps you’re thinking about starting your own business so you can quit your job some day? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then the Internet can provide the solutions you need.

There are plenty of online business opportunities to choose from, with different business models that can prove to be very lucrative. While it may seem too difficult to make money online, it is actually very possible. In fact, a recent study shows that one out of five Americans work from home. If you want to join this group, read on to find out how you can generate a steady flow of revenue online.

1. Set up your own website

Have you heard about bloggers who make money from their blogs? This is the most basic method of earning online. Your first order of business is to build your own site. Decide on a niche and think about how you are going to monetize your blog. Two of the most common options are pay-per-click advertising and affiliate marketing. The former is generally recommended for informative blogs, while the latter works particularly well for blogs about product reviews.

2. Sell your creations

Are you passionate about creating handicrafts such as jewelries and ornaments? Do you have a knack for clever imagery which would look great on a t-shirt, mug or tote bag? If so, then you should definitely consider selling your creations online. You can set up an e-commerce website using a content management system. You can also register on various sites that handle printing and shipping on your behalf and earn commission on every sale you make.

3. Complete microtasks

If you find yourself having a lot of spare time, then you might want to join marketplaces that pay members for completing microtasks. These tasks are extremely easy to complete, which explains the low rates. Businesses typically crowdsource microtasks to these marketplaces, allowing web workers to earn extra income by doing nano-jobs.

4. Become a freelancer

There are now plenty of websites that connect freelancers with clients. Online staffing platforms make this entire process simple, convenient and safe for both parties. Regardless of the skill you have, you can rest assured that someone needs what you have to offer. The key lies in creating a profile that stands out from the competition. Your portfolio should contain all your best works. You can read success stories online about people who started as freelancers on these online platforms and now have their own companies that continue to get clients from these websites.

5. Drop shipping

Drop shipping has increased in popularity over the past few years. It is often viewed as a combination of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Through drop shipping, you can sell other people’s products and make commissions on every sale. The biggest advantage here is that you only manage your website and drive traffic to it in order to get orders. The rest of the process—billing, shipping and other services—are handled by the manufacturer.

These are just 5 examples of legitimate online business opportunities. With enough determination, patience and creativity, you should be able to come up with your own online business idea and establish an additional income stream.